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The core benefits of StormDriver

November 19th, 2010 Posted by Amrit Hallan View Comments

Yesterday we were trying to come up with a punchline for the main StormDriver website. We were looking for a short message that could convey the entire essence of our project. Since there are multiple features, and people may want to use StormDriver in many different ways, we found we’re unable to condense everything into a single sentence. Instead, we decided to lay down all the reasons why would you be interested in StormDriver. So here we go:

StormDriver 3-D view

  • Every webpage comes alive through StormDriver
  • No plug-ins and no installs required
  • Simply login and become a part of the community
  • Discover who’s currently on the same webpage as you
  • See what websites the other StormDriver users are accessing
  • They can see what you’re accessing
  • Chat with your friends and make new friends on the go
  • Create a meaningful Web, by relating and tagging links
  • Make the Web truly social

This is definitely not the final list, but it pretty much explains what the StormDriver is about. We want to transform the way you browse the Internet, consume the content and interact with your friends or other Internet users. As Marius (our project manager) often says, using StormDriver is like walking in a real world. You can see the people around you, you know what your friends – and other people – are looking at, you can hear what they are talking about. It is an open world: everybody can approach anybody.

In our next posts we will try to expand on these individual points.

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