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StormDriver Alpha Launch Information Pack

November 11th, 2011 Posted by Chris View Comments

It’s 11/11/2011, almost 11:11 GMT. Time for something special to happen.

You might have seen a mysterious teaser that was circling around the web in the last few days. A teaser that gathered over 100.000 views, and received coverage from major publication all around the world, including Mashable. It was our trailer, heralding an event that happens today, this very minute.

A launch of our aticipated StormDriver Alpha test!

Yes, it took us some time – actually a lot more than we have expected. The system we’re working on is quite unique, so it offered us challenges we never faced before. All the time we were treading on pioneering grounds. Some bits of our technology are patent pending as of this week, so let me assure you – it was not easy to roll out first public version.

But finally, the Alpha version is here.

This very moment, a first selected batch of our Alpha testers is receiving their invitations. For them, and for every one of you, we decided to provide this reference post, where you will find all essential information about StormDriver and our ongoing Alpha tests.

So, what now?

If you have signed in, just sit back, wait for your invitation to arrive, and as soon as you receive it, join us in StormDriver. In the meantime you can spread the word, send your friends here and let them sign in using the form on While StormDriving with random anonymous people is still a lot of fun, it’s even better with your friends!

What if you haven’t registered but you wish you did?  No worries!  You can still join us, even though it might take some time for you to get the invitation, as we’re letting users in small, controlled groups.

And when you finally get your activation link, please remember: this is an early Alpha build, so the bugs will certainly be there. Current user experience is in no way indicative of the one we have planned for beta release. Anyway, if you see a bug, or notice something that impacts your user experience in a bad way, be sure to use the feedback button located on the right edge of your screen.

We want to make development of StormDriver as democratic as possible, that’s why the feedback system is not only for reporting bugs. You can also leave your suggestions there – they will be visible to other users, and people will vote on best suggested improvements. We can promise you that we will take everything into consideration and we’ll try to accommodate your wishes, starting with the top-voted ones.

Ok, but what if you’re not sure if you want to sing up? Lets say you’re a new reader, you just came to our blog and you”re wondering what exactly StormDriver is, and why should you bother. If that’s the case, please allow me to send you to our nice and simple FAQ section, available here:

StormDriver Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know something we haven’t answered in the FAQ, just leave us a note on our Facebook page or simply ask in comments below. We will do our best to reply as soon as possible.

Hugry for more? Well, if you’ve been with us for some time, you already know that all the time during development we were regularly posting articles about StormDriver (and not only) on our blog. There are lots of good reads there, but the thing that should be most interesting for you is a three-part Alpha preview, describing the system in detail. Just the thing you can munch on while waiting for your test invitation to arrive. Please note that aricle was written about previous, internal alpha deploy from two months ago. The public alpha client you will be testing is more polished, and differs in some areas.

Internal Alpha Preview – Part 1

Internal Alpha Preview – Part 2

Internal Alpha Preview – Part 3

You already received your email, you’re in and have no idea what should you do in StormDriver? For start, you can just sit for a while on a Home screen – your home stream shows you what’s happening in the system this minute, so it should give you a fairly good idea of what people are doing here. There is also another, global stream, you can see on our main test page as an unregistered user – it may also give you some ideas and draw you in. Then, you can simply click around, browse pages, interact. StormDriver is an exciting mutli-tool. If you want to see how powerful it can be, check out some user scenarios in our great two-part series of StormDriver Cookbooks.

StormDriver Cookbook – Part 1

StormDriver Cookbook – Part 2

Remember: some of the features mentioned there might not be around the moment you log on to Alpha. StormDriver is still undergoing a rapid development.

And if you’re a journalist or a blogger, you can contact us at for a detailed press pack and to arrange an early access to the system.

That’s it! Have fun and see you in StormDriver!

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  1. Anonymous

    Excellent   – great work – actually the Gmail plugin when you want to login still has an error. You must fix it in this phase of test. good Luck from munich, Marius Wlassak

  2. nice improvement and its really help us a lot.

  3. I could not understand it clearly. Is the StormDriver similar to the cloud computing technology? Or is it just another social networking site? 

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