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Probes: The next phase in social content discovery

May 8th, 2013 Posted by Marius Lian View Comments

Today launched in public beta with the announcement of its new feature, Probes.

Quite simply, Probes are small, content-retrieving apps that are released into the internet to collect specific information. They enable the users to make personalized collections of information on topics of their choice.

For example, if a user wishes to receive updates for “YouTube Videos on Reddit with more than 1 million views”, they can create a Probe that uses the APIs of both YouTube and Reddit to draw the information directly to their feed.

Probes can be copied, adjusted, and shared across the network, making a social network for content discovery.

To subscribe to Probes, simply select any existing Probes created by other members on the home screen. Your feed will be automatically updated with information from this Probe as soon as it generates some new updates.

Probes can also be copied and adjusted. Clicking ‘Copy’ at the top of any Probe feed, allows you to adjust the parameters of the probe. For example, instead of ‘articles on CNN with more than 1,000 likes’ you may wish to search for TechCrunch articles with the same popularity. Once edited, the Probe can be renamed and saved as your own.

To create and entirely new Probe, you can easily do so by filling out the fields on the ‘Create a Probe’ popup box on the ‘Probes’ tab of the home screen. Similarly to copying existing Probes, simply set the requirements of the content you wish to see and name to probe to save it to your feed.

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