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New becomes one of the 55 world’s top startups

October 11th, 2012 Posted by Chris View Comments

If by any chance you have stumbled upon our homepage recently, you probably know that went through a massive change. This time, we’re pretty sure it’s going to stay that way. Our new concept is simple, fresh, and so radical that thanks to the re-designed version you’re going to see soon we’ve been chosen as one of the 55 most promising start-ups to take part both in the closed START event and in the Ireland Electric Spark of Genius startup competition on the Dublin Web Summit 2012 conference.

So, what’s so interesting in this new version of

Imagine you found a page that some of your friends could enjoy. Let’s say it’s a hilarious movie review, with humor leaning a bit on the offensive side. You realize, that a couple of your friends would love to see it. But your other Facebook contacts wouldn’t be interested, and some probably wouldn’t even get the joke and could take it the wrong way.

Whenever you share something on social networks, you show it to a lot of people who don’t care, and in the meantime the “right” people can often miss your update.

What can you do? You can create lists or circles on your social account, but that requires a prior knowledge of what you’re going to post. Would you create a G+ circle for “People who get offensive jokes” or a Twitter list for “People who are interested in strange tofu recipies”? Of course not!

That’s why up until now staggering 66% of content was still shared using regular e-mail. Yes, even with hundreds of millions of people on Facebook, social networks are still not the most popular way to spread content, and Instant Messaging is just a distant third.

Now let’s see how sharing works in now. You’re still on a site with a movie review. You click the bookmarklet button in your browser, select “John”, “Annie” and “Movie geeks group” from a list of contacts, then you click In seconds they receive an e-mail or a message with a link.

That’s it. Really. It’s that simple, and it’s all is about now – quickly pinging people about pages you think they might enjoy. In fact, it’s the fastest, simplest link sharing platform out there.

And you can make it even faster by dragging any person or a group to your bookmarks bar as a separate bookmarklet. For example: if you put “My office friends” group on your bar, then one click on the group name will ping them any site you’re viewing now, instantly and directly.

Now you can see why we’re one of the 55 startups chosen to present on START opening gala and the main competition at Dublin Web Summit. This new version of shows that even something as mundane as sending links can still be improved. That sometimes, instead of making a big system with huge ambitions, it’s good to simply think about small annoyances each and every one of us faces on the Web – and solve them!

But what about content discovery? About actually FINDING great links? Don’t worry! We know many of you liked this side of, so we did our best to keep it intact. The system supports creation of open groups on any topic, which can be visited and subscribed to by anyone. So if you join a group called “technology”, you can receive fresh pings straight to your Pingbox or e-mail, from people interested in tech. From people just like you.

You can still click on random strangers, and see things they ping to open groups they joined, or see who’s in those groups and what other groups he or she likes. You can still dive head-first into this sprawling content sharing community, and browse it until you discover something for yourself.

There’s still much we could discuss – other types of groups, new layouts, your personal Pingbox, but we feel the system is so simple, you should just check it out for yourself! On October 17, in less than a week, we’re going to re-open the gates, and we hope to see you in then!

In the meantime, we’re packing our bags and stuff them with freebies and goodies to give away on Dublin Web Summit (stop by our booth to get some). Soon, we’re going to present a re-vamped version of on a big stage, in front of many important people from all over the tech realm.

Please wish us luck!

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