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It’s a Dog-eat-Digg world out there, Pingers

August 13th, 2012 Posted by jan View Comments

It's a Dog eat Digg word out there, baby

Rumor has it the new Digg owners blew it big time. Tens of millions of dead URLs all over the Web are screaming for vengeance. Content owners are concerned their SEO standing may be affected now that these 14 million pages Google has indexed from Digg are kaput. Most importantly, however, millions of former Digg users are now on the lookout for a better way to discover content. And hey, some of those lost souls ended up in our backyard! Check out this comment from one of the beta testers:

Message: Nice….encourage some former Loyal Digg users to come over and you folks will have quite a quick following. LOVING what I see so far.

Signed: Formerly Loyal Digg User for 6 years

Comments such as this one make us very happy, but they do not come as much of a surprise. We’ve shown to many pairs eyeballs from all around the globe, and a lot of the times people reacted by saying something along the lines of “yeah, I see, so this is kind of a Digg 2.0?”. Well, yes and no.

Yes, because people who liked the old Digg are likely to dig what they see on Many of the things Digg v1 users weep after are available in our system. We have topic groups and follower lists, and we do not force you to use Facebook login. We also do not plan to ever intentionally incinerate all your digital possessions, unless all that money and power turns us to the dark side.

That said, the answer must also be “no”, since is based on an entirely different concept than Digg and other news aggregators. On you discover content by checking out where others are online right now. Basically, you can see where people you follow are and you can join them on any page. When they’re pinging you it’s like they’re saying “hey, get over here, I found something cool”. Instead of waiting for people to tell you what they’re doing, you can see them doing it.

If you find this too good to be true and you’re not swayed by our cherry-picked feedback from a former Digg enthusiast, you definitely need to check out yourself. It’s in a closed beta right now, but if you request an invite here you may just get it pretty soon(ish).

Now, lets see how well this article fares on Digg…

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